Top 10 Things to do in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a coastal city that lies in southeastern Virginia. One of its best charms is that it has a 3-mile boardwalk lined with restaurants, shops, and things to do with its beach-lined oceanfront. 

Virginia Beach has many memorials, monuments, and museums to observe. Whether you’re in a city for a week, a weekend, or even a day, you will love the things to do in Virginia Beach with the sea breeze. Continue reading for some of the best collections of activities, traveler attractions, and more in Virginia Beach.

1. Hike amazing trails at the First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park virginia beach

The First Landing State Park has 20 miles of hiking paths forming their way through 3,888 acres of Virginia woodland. This place is an excellent place for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, cycling, canoeing and, of course, hiking. 

The park gets its name as it holds the spot where English immigrants first landed in the year 1607. Everything from the canoes of Native Americans to modern cargo ships has crossed the waterways discovered here throughout history.

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2. Time travel at Lynnhaven House

 Lynnhaven House virginia beach

On Wishart Road, Virginia Beach, Lynnhaven House is an excellent example of what life was like for residents in the early 18th Century. The house takes back to 1725 and designed as it would have been since then, enabling visitors to get a feeling for life back then. 

Guides of the place add explanations of what each family member was held for in the household and learn about life in Tidewater many years ago.

3. Get a Ride at False Cape State Park

False Cape State Park virginia beach
Lago Mar, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This beautiful False Cape State Park lies to the south of Virginia Beach guards six miles of underdeveloped beach, marshes, woodlands and dunes. 

Hiking and biking trails operate throughout the park. Entrance to the park is by tracks of a foot or a bike or by boat. I suggest you prefer to bike in if you are attaining a day visit due to the distance.

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4. Visit Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge virginia beach
Lago Mar, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is Behind Sandbridge Beach, with more than 9,000 acres of beach, dunes, freshwater swamps, and forested areas. The sanctuary preserves essential habitat for migratory birds but is also a relaxing place for a wander along nature tracks or paddleboarding in the still waters.

Walking trails offer some incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. You can see all kinds of birds, muskrats, deer, bobcats, otters, and other Back Bay critters. You can also visit False Cape State Park from here.

5. Visit an Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse virginia beach
PumpkinSky, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The tremendous Old Cape Henry Lighthouse is situated close to the first landing state park of 1607. The New York architect John McComb created this vast lighthouse. It was in use for nearly 100 years before substituted by a cast-iron lighthouse constructed nearby. The Old Cape Henry is the oldest surviving lighthouse in the US and well deserving a visit.

Lighthouse named as a National Historic Landmark on January 29, 1964. In 2002 the US Society of Civil Engineers named the lighthouse as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Today, Cape Henry Lighthouse has the Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story (JEBFS) around.

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6. Take a Tour to Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach virginia beach

Sandbridge Beach is the ideal place to tour if you want to get away from the hotel area’s dynamic vibe, go for a walk, have a party on the beach, and experience some quiet time. But out here, apart from the hotels and condos, the environment is more calm and peaceful.

The beach here is vast, with soft dirt, and the homes that line the beach are set far enough back from the water that might seem like they are not in a city at all.

Whether you think about doing nothing or doing it alone, you’ve come to the perfect spot. While located away from the town’s hustle and bustle, you’re only moments away from interesting attractions, dining, shopping, and the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

7. Dangling at The Adventure Park

The Adventure Park virginia beach

The Adventure Park is the classic trip for a little adrenaline boost. Set on the Marine Science Center ground and Virginia Aquarium, the Adventure Park is a vast forested region with ropes and platforms dangling from the trees. Twirling stairs and challenging elevated walks, all high up in the trees, test your skills while you’re tied with a rope securely into this ziplining obstacle course.

Staff guide on using the stuff and then set you free to travel on your own, with spotters on hand to assist you when required. This is an excellent activity for families with older children.

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8. Visit a dismal swamp

The Great Dismal Swamp National Park

The Great Dismal Swamp National Park is nearly 30 miles south-west of the town of Virginia Beach. The park comprises around 115,000 acres of vast area and shares some of its edge with North Carolina.

The park is famous for its flora and wildlife. You can see black bears or a bobcat in the park. The park is also known for its impressive and diverse birdlife with up to 200 species. Today, the area that you see at the park is thought to be just a small part of what made up 1,000,000 acres in the region in the past.

9. Take flight at the Military Aviation Museum

Military Aviation Museum  virginia beach

The Military Aviation Museum, located just above Princess Anne Road, is home to one of the world’s most significant private military aircraft collections. Most of the planes at the museum are in tip-top flying condition.

 You can notice them as they were when the active battle in the First and Second World War took place. The museum is open all year (except for Christmas) and offers several air shows during the year.

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10. Board a pirate ship

Board a pirate ship

Captain Jack’s Pirate Ship in Virginia Beach is a kind of bizarre attraction. Known as the Lost Pearl, he built the ship to strict US Coast Guard specifications and a Spanish Galleon model. 

Kids and this article readers will love sailing on the ship and attempting to sink a small rowing vessel with the dominant water cannons onboard. A boat is an excellent place for your child’s birthday party but if you are an older traveler, why not get your party on at the ship.