10 Fun Things To Do In Thailand

Thailand is the number one travel destination throughout the world. Thailand has a nearly endless list of unforgettable travel experiences as this country ripe for exploration. Tons of gorgeous scenery, jaw-dropping beaches with towering karst islets, ornate temples, and the glistening landscape is what have made Thailand famous in the world.

 Thailand is often called the ‘Land of Smiles’ as it is based on the Thai people’s friendliness, beaming at tourists in the land of gorgeous sunshine.

Whatever you want to do in Thailand, you will probably find it, and you can easily spend all your holidays here but still only see a fraction of the sights on offer. The hardest part in Thailand is choosing what you want to see and where to go first. But, I narrowed it down to the top 10 things to do in Thailand.

Here are the top 10 things you must do in Thailand:

1. Visit The White Temple Chiang Rai

The White Temple Chiang Rai

Thailand is home to over 31,000 temples, but this white temple in Chiang Rai, officially known as the Wat Rong Khun, has been luring the tourists since 1997. This contemporary style Buddhist temple, an example of stunning artwork and architecture, was created by local artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat.

When completed, the white temple will have nine buildings, including a hall of relics, a mediation hall, and quarters for monks. To reach the main building, the Ubost, visitors have to cross the bridge over a small lake. This bridge proclaims that the way to happiness by forgetting evil, greed, and also desire. You can spend a whole day here admiring the epic artwork.

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2. Visit The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace is the most popular attraction set in the heart of Bangkok. Visually breathtaking and grandeur filled, this grand Palace is the actual architectural representations of Thai culture that you need to experience. This Palace has donned many roles with ease from the royal residence, the Thai mint, the Royal court, the administrative court seat for almost 150 years.

The holy Grand Palace temple, known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, aka Temple of the Jade Buddha, contains some precious remnants of the Buddha-like hair, bones. With the area of 218,400 sq. meters, there are many excellent and astonishing things to witness, and you will not be disappointed.

3. Spend A Day At Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake Chiang mai

Emerald Lake is a sinkhole in the jungle-like the cenotes in Mexico, full of crystal clear blue water and giant catfish. It is located about three and a half hours east of Chiang Mai. Fortunately, the entrance is free comparatively with Doi Inthanon and other national parks. However, it is not so popular with non-Thai tourists. But, it is considered to be holy for the locals. Swimming, fishing, and feeding the fish are not allowed as the lake is deemed to be scared.

It is challenging to get to and only make sense in a car or on a motorbike with tires that can bear mud and dirt. If you do it, you will witness something that is still a hidden gem in Thailand.

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4. Enjoy Climbing The Sathorn Unique Tower

The Sathorn Unique Tower
Alexander Blecher, blecher.info, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Bangkok’s heart, the Sathorn Unique Tower, often known as the ghost tower, was constructed during the 1990s and nearly completed until 1997. Climbing the ghost tower is the most favorite activity for adventurers in Bangkok. At the bottom, guards were allowing people in for a small fee as it is not an official tourist attraction. Forty-nine stories provide a challenging climb, but it offers some of Bangkok’s most breathtaking and mesmerizing views from the top.

5. Have A Thai Massage

Thai Massage
Tara Angkor Hotel, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thailand is known for Thai massage as massage techniques are unique, and it relieves the stress in your body’s muscles. Thai massage reduces back pain, headaches, and also increase the sense of relaxation and calm.This experience will leave you feeling fresh and well-balanced. The prices are meager as compared to what you would pay in your home town.

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6. Enjoy A Water Fight During Songkran

Water Fight During Songkran

During the Songkran, the water fight in Thailand is exclusively enjoyable and crazy. Songkran is the Thai New Year and runs from the 13th to the 15th of April. Water is sprinkled in the whole festival as it is believed it will wash away your bad luck and evils. The people of Thailand drain the pots of aromatic water on friends, relatives, and neighbors. For more enjoyment and fun, Thais use a bucket and water guns. During this festival, where ever you are in Thailand, prepare for this incredible water fight.

7. Drink From A Cocont

Thailand is famous for its coconut farms, and you will see coconut sellers, with their simple stalls, standing by the side of the road. You can order one with a few Bhat and see the sellers cut deep into the flesh at the top of the coconut. This delicious milk will quench your thirst more than anything.

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8. Explore Thai Beaches

Explore Thai Beaches

Thailand has thousands of beaches and islands, so visiting all of them would be impossible. With over 15,00 miles of coastline, visitors are never too far from incredible and breathtaking beaches. There are some beaches like Jomtien Beach and Bang Saen that have been over crowed in recent years, but Lamai in Koh Samui and Freedom Beach in Phuket are quieter. Thai beaches have luxurious resorts, and these are well connected to the airport of main towns. While choosing the beach destination, try to choose ones that are unique and not too crowded.

9. Eat Street Food

Eat Street Food Thailand
Göran Ingman from Stockholm, Sweden, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thai is home to delicious, diverse, and different kinds of street food. In every city’s streets, hot and sour dishes can be whipped up in minutes by street vendors adding fresh lemongrass, coconut milk, galangal, kaffir lime leaves. You can easily recognize the flavors of Thai dishes.

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10. Visit The Erawan National Park

The Erawan National Park
yeowatzup, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Situated in the west of Thailand, Erawan National Park is home to the country’s most famous falls. The most impressive attraction of this park is the 7-tiered Erawan Falls with emerald green ponds. It is also famous for its long caves, streams, and rock painting. You can spend a whole day in the park, trekking from one fall to the other and enjoying the beauty of nature.