The Best Places To Live In Canada

The Best Places To Live In Canada

Are you planning to travel to Canada and looking for recommendations for the best places?

In this article, we gathered information about the Best places to live in Canada and what makes it a perfect place to settle down or even for a vacation.

In recent years, Canada became a dream country for students, job seekers, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

As the most loved countries with some of the top-ranked universities, Canada voted as the best living place for all the great reasons. Also, famous among tourists for breathtaking natural sceneries and, most importantly, affordable and cheap. Before moving or immigrating to another place or country, we keep different scenarios and facts in our mind—specifically, rents, cost of living, job opportunities, weather conditions.

Canada has the most robust economy and English as an official language. Therefore, People around the world consider it a suitable country for its political and economic stability.

Besides, No matter which direction you want to travel, the information down below will help you make a better decision. 

Canada has the highest immigration rate, and immigrants have contributed to its diversity. Most immigrants came from Asian countries. They significantly contributed and made plenty of achievements in every field from agriculture to business and arts. 

Secondly, Canada has become a more flexible and open society. Many people took advantage of the educational and job opportunities available here. However, The most popular destinations for foreigners in Canada are Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, for their high-quality living standards and lifestyle.

Vancouver-A natural Landscape

An ideal and extraordinary city for immigrants to integrate and settle down, approximately 50% of the population area is non-English speakers, located in British Columbia, with 675,218 people and 115km of area. Hence, a perfect place for job seekers, However, Vancouver is one the most expensive cities.

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Toronto-An Ethnically Diverse City

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and a dynamic metropolis with lush green spaces and sports facilities. 

Canada’s fourth most populous city is a hub of business, finance, art activities, and a famous multicultural city with museums, cultural activities, and festivals.

Fifty percent of residents are minorities born outside Canada, while English is their primary language. 

Toronto has a significant influence of immigrants on its culture and cuisine. Therefore, it consists of more than 200 nationalists, with a 2.93 million population and an area of 630.2km.

Furthermore, there are plenty of employment opportunities for immigrants in finance, biotechnology, IT, media, and engineering fields.

Calgary-A Safe City

Calgary is a province of Alberta, often described as most American cities of Canada. As compared to Toronto and Vancouver, this city has an image of “Cowtown” still steeped in western culture. 

Moreover, It is famous for outdoor adventure and cultural destinations. It is a perfect place for living for its low crime rates, low taxes, and sound transportations system.

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Montreal- An Affordable City 

Montreal is one of the best and top choice for expats. As the most affordable city, expats find it pleasing to live and settle down. Despite the cold, windy and snowy weather, they still find it an excellent option for a living, and work-life-balance is perfect for them. However, it is a bilingual city where English and French are both used as a medium of communication.

As a result, Montreal became a cultural capital and home to different communities. Consequently, The second most populated city with a 1.7 million population, located in Quebec, has a 431km area.

Ottawa-Third Cleanest City In the World

Ottawa is not as trendy as Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver but has plenty of recreational opportunities to enjoy. Also, a convenient choice for immigrants where they can find jobs accordingly.

It is a popular destination for immigration. It is located in Ontario, with a population of 934,000 and more extensive than other cities with 2,796km.

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Best Provinces of Canada for Travelling and Accommodation 

Canada has a decent level of education and healthcare standards. Not only this, it is ranked as the top for employment opportunities.

Also, One of the most challenging things is to decide which province is best for living in Canada.

Below is the list of provinces, That are cheap and affordable, and above all, it will help you decide which area is best for a living.

  1. Alberta
  2. Quebec
  3. Ontario
  4. British Columbia
  5. Nova Scotia

10 Cheapest and Affordable Cities In Canada To Live In

Canada is quite affordable with substantial saving and a valuable income. Quebec, Saskatchewan, Ontario, or British Columbia are cheaper than Vancouver and Toronto’s expensive lifestyle.

If you are a student and on a tight budget, these places are undoubtedly a better option for you, unlike other sites. However, most of the food comes from exports. Consequently, the food in Canada is pretty expensive.

So, Here is the list of 9 affordable and cheapest cities In Canada:


16 Most Happiest Cities In Canada For Tourists and Immigrants

According to recent research, Canada is one of the happiest countries to live and stay in and ranked in the world’s top 10 Happiest places. If you are comfortable and satisfied in your life, you are happy with the environment and surroundings. According to the statistics, Canadians are so glad and contented due to the facilities and environment. for instance, health facilities, income, and safety. 

Notwithstanding, the diversity in cultures and racial backgrounds, people in Canada have strong ties and relationships with each other that keeps them happy in their daily life.

To summarize, Here is the list of cities ranked as the top happiest places in Canada.

  1. Kingston
  2. Regina
  3. Quebec City
  4. Gatineau
  5. Saskatoon
  6. London
  7. Waterloo-Kitchener
  8. Kelowna
  9. Edmonton
  10. Banff
  11. Hamilton
  12. Surrey
  13. Calgary
  14. Winnipeg
  15. Burlington
  16. Victoria

Safest Cities In Canada to Travel Alone 

Briefly, Canada ranked as the 6th most peaceful country globally due to its low crime rate and trusted police force. You are with your loved one or traveling alone; It is the safest place for you.