Fun Things To Do In Melbourne at Night

Melbourne, A Melting Pot of Cultures, is a multicultural, most populated city and home to 200 countries. Famous for eclectic festivals, charmingly quirky trends, lots of creativity, and incredible cuisine.

With this Fusion of backgrounds, this massive city is the most 2nd populous city in Australia and Oceana. Despite an efficient public transport system, it requires a lot of time to explore all the attractions.  Furthermore, This efficient public transform system provides different routes connecting the city center with the rest of the capital.

Moreover, Melbourne is known as the most European city of Australia for its Sophistication and Style. Fascinating museums, restaurants, music bars, theaters, national parks, and thriving wildlife habitats are the specialty of this culturally diverse capital. 


As the world’s largest and wealthiest metropolis city, Melbourne is a great place to explore in the sunlight, but it is even more lively when the sun goes down. For being regularly voted as the most liveable place, it is famous for its changeable weather conditions. Consequently, Winters are stable, but spring and summer are famous for temperature differential. As a result, Melbourne has the reputation of having “four seasons in one day.”

From nighttime kayaks along the river to sleeping overnight at the zoo, there are plenty of fun things to do at night. Excellent dining options in almost all cuisines and affordable budgets, and hip and hidden bars for an ultimate fun experience. 

However, due to the extension in the tram network’s transport hours, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the central city. Melbourne is ultimately beguiling at night; even wandering around is sometimes amusing.

Are you looking for some incredible places to visit, and restaurants to dine in at night in Melbourne?

No matter which place or attraction you want to visit, our list of 10 best things to do in Melbourne has you covered.

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Explore the Secret Laneways at Night

Conversations over steaming cups of coffee, delicious ethnic food from eateries are the real charm of the night. The graffiti wall design on these secret laneways is a depiction of the most colorful street art.

The Little streets of Melbourne were established in the Victorian era. Melbourne tour is incomplete without visiting these secret little streets as this is a hugely popular tourist attraction.

You can have a marvelous full-day experience, lost in the arcades and shopping centers, enjoy the local shopping centers and enjoy the local food and victorian era architecture of over 40 laneways soaked in street art.

Bring Your TasteBuds Back to Life At QUEEN VICTORIA Night Market

Chris Phutully from Australia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fresh seafood, Freshly made Dips, Hot Doughnuts, and a variety of local cheese is the specialty of Queen Victoria Market.
A trip to this food market is perfect for the foodies to get the handmade and unique taste of authentic market food.
On Wednesday nights, you can experience the transformation of the market to a bustling night market, also a chance to experience the multicultural atmosphere.
For instance, Special events and festivals with live music and lively bars are great Melbourne night out. Shop for souvenirs and stylish clothing to make your tour even more memorable.

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Night Sightseeing In The Dinner Cruise At The YARRA RIVER

Are you looking for a unique dining place during your visit to Melbourne for dinner?
Delicious food, refreshing beverages, and enjoyable music with breathtaking views of the Yarra River is an unforgettable experience of your Australian capital visit.
Yarra River Dinner cruising is a perfect option for romantic first date and Sunday Dinners and anniversaries with loved ones.
The dining cruise’s real spirit is the delicious food, refreshing beverages with stunning performances, live music, and panoramic views of major Melbourne landmarks.

Memorable Overnight Experience at SLUMBER SAFARI

” Sa Coma, Mallorca” by Glen Bowman is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The safaris in Melbourne will bring you the excitement of spending time in the wild, described as a peaceful experience by visitors. Safaris are not just limited to daytime, but several safaris are conducted at night to make your night even more memorable.

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Beguiling Penguin Parade Experience at PHILLIP ISLAND

Philip Island is famous for Penguins and the renowned penguin’s parade. These cutest and innocents creatures are a treat to watch.

Other adorable and endangered animals like Southern Bettong, Eastern Quolls, and fluffy Gliders are also a part of this wildlife park.

The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park and Summerland beach’s exciting tour will show you some of Australia’s best wildlife stock. Also, Werribee Zoo Night Safari will make your night filled with excitement and thrill. You can have a closer look at some of the most majestic and giant animals like giraffes and zebras.

Melbourne’s Iconic Views on a KAYAK tour along the Yarra River

Victoria’s capital city is famous for some of the best paddling that can be done for the excellent kayaking experience. 

Kayaking is a fun sport and a perfect opportunity to see wildlife and a comfortable sport great for kids and adults.

Melbourne’s inland lakes to perfect marine wildlife sanctuaries are ideal for kayaking. Just a 25 minutes drive out of town, and you can find plenty of beautiful spots for paddling.

Also, Lower Yarra River is an iconic spot and host to all kinds of watersports, including kayaking. 

Melbourne’s Williamstown port was established in 1837 and is an excellent spot for laidback kayaking.

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Stitch With Laughter at The Comics Lounge

Australia’s biggest and best comedy club with two hours of live production features Australia’s most talented comedians. Famous comedians like Dave Hughes, Will Anderson, Cart Barron, and Adam Hills.

Night of cocktails, food, and stitches of laughter might be precisely what you expected on Melbourne’s tour.

Arrive early and order some of the tasty delicacies like pepper calamari and lamb shanks with a wide variety of cocktails and margaritas.

Furthermore, Enjoy Local and imported beer and wine with a short and sharp menu of appetizers, main course desserts, and snacks.

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Spooky Ghost Tour to the Melbourne Gaol for a Real Horror Experience

Joyofmuseums, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Old Melbourne Gaol dominated the city’s skyline as a symbol of authority in the mid-1800s.

It was a place like dungeons where criminals, petty offenders, the homeless, and the mentally ill were held inside. Creepy stories from a dark history gathered over the years make the gaol a grim spooky place at night. 

A chilling night tour in the dark is perfect for you if you like horror and exciting stories.

Down below is the list of some more attractive things you can do in Melbourne.

  • Fall In Love Classic, Single screen, THE ASTER Revival Movie Theatre
  • Mix an Exquisite and Delightful Cocktail at One Of The Best Bars In Melbourne
  • A Must-Have Candid Or Possed Photoshoot at LUNA PARK
  • Enjoy the world’s best high-quality coffee if you’re a coffee lover at Patricia on Little Bourke Street.
  • Federation Square an iconic place to enjoy the unique and fascinating Victorian heritage.
  • Have peaceful mediation sessions with breathtaking landscaping and more them 8500 plant species at a colorful and gorgeous Botanic garden.