20 Fun things to do at home when bored

At some point of time in our lives we all feel boredom, there are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy and make memories while staying at home. You may feel stuck at home, but with these ideas you won’t be bored for a second. Here are some good ideas for fun things to do at home when you get bored to keep you and entire family happy and busy.

1. Have a BBQ

Have a BBQ
Enjoy BBQ with friends

Call your friends at home and have a super fun BBQ night in your lawn under the stars. Enjoy home made delicious BBQ Chicken, sauces and hot hamburgers with some wine in your back garden and music on. Perfect dinner night at home with your family and friends.

2. Start a Garden

Start a Garden

The most fun thing to do at home, start a garden, involve your whole family in this activity. Try different plants in your lawn and take care of them. In this way, your garden can have a different type of plants. A lush green garden makes your house more beautiful.

3. Role Play

Role Play

Engage each member of your family, give them different role to play and have a day full of fun. Like you can ask your children to play parents role and you play your children’s role and have a great day well spent with laughter.

4. Create a family Collage

Create a family Collage

Another super fun activity to do at home is to make the collection of family photos. Use Photos of your family from different occasions and vacations and make a lovely family collage. You can add some DIY ideas while creating this collage.

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5. Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

The best thing to have indoor picnic is you do not need to wait for the weekend, you can have it any time you want. You can cook some nice food and enjoy it with your family while soaking the sun in your own garden. A Perfect Indoor Picnic!

6. Try a New Craft

Try a New Craft

Make candles, Pom-Poms, paint your own t-shirt, bed sheets, Flower Pots, walls, make Feather Lampshade, Glittery Glass Mug, Sewing, Flowers are some fun things to do at home. There are many kits available on the stores to help you to get into the new crafts.

7. Family Get Together

Family Get Together

Family get togethers are super amazing. You can add fun elements like to involve everyone in the activities, make delicious food and enjoy together, theme meeting, tea party. These meetings are the way to come close with your family and friends.

8. Costume Party

Costume Party

Costume parties should not be limited to Halloween. Get the family and friends together for an evening for theme party where everyone will have to wear costumes as per the theme. The most super fun things to do at home without going anywhere.

9. Carve Pumpkins

Carve Pumpkins

In pumpkin season you can have fun carving pumpkins with your family. It should not be limited to Halloween. Grab some pumpkins and knives and dig in and show your creativity.

10. Have a Water Balloon fight

Have a Water Balloon fight

On a hot summer day, plan a Water balloon fight and bring out the kid in you. One of the super fun things to do at home. Throw them on each other, get wet and have fun together with your loved ones.

11. Stargazing Under the Sky

Stargazing Under the Sky

Home much this fun activity cost you? Nothing. You just need a bed sheet and enjoy the beauty of stars and moon under the sky with your entire family. You can download a star chart if you want to find the star. And If you love to do this you can invest in nice telescopes and binoculars.

12. Write Letters to your family members

Write Letters to your family members

Do you remember the last time when you wrote a letter full of love and emotions to someone? You probably do not remember or must have done it in your childhood. Bring back the days with your family and kids and let them know how much they meant to you and how you feel without them. Enjoy the reactions when they read them. One of the super fun things to do at home and cost you nothing. You can add some creativity to your letters if you want.

13. Start a Journal

Start a Journal

You can start writing journals, you can write anything, what you feel, your thoughts, about life, what do you want from life, what do you do not want, about anything as it is completely yours without any judgement. You will feel that your Journal is your best friend who listen to you.

14. Decorate your house

Decorate your house

Involve your family members in this fun activity and spend your day without getting bored. Whether its rearranging the furniture, bookshelf, paint the house, make a summer hut in your lawn, make your own decorative pieces. Have some quality time together and live your day well.

15. Build a Snowman

Build a Snowman

In winter make a snowman in your garden and embrace the winter. Spend hours of fun and implement your innovative ideas to build a snowman. You will spend hours and hours without boredom. Click some lovely family pictures with it, is one of the fun things to do at home.

16. Have a Dance Party

Have a Dance Party

Call your friends, light up the room with Disco balls, colorful lights turn on your favorite music and shake your body on tunes. To add fun element to this party you can host the costume or theme dance party.

17. Try a New Recipe

Try a New Recipe

If you are someone who love to cook and have fun in trying different recipes, the perfect time to div in it when you feel bored. You can plan a themed dinner at home to spice it up more and enjoy the perfect dinner night with your loved one.

18. Learn how to cut Hair

Learn how to cut Hair

You can watch some tutorials on YouTube and learn to cut your own and someone else’s hair. This activity is super fun and exciting, Try it once!

19. Make Greeting Cards

Make Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards made by your own are the perfect way to convey your feelings to your loved ones that how much they are meant to you. You can bring whole family together in this creative activity and make some beautiful, personalized cards.

20. Go Through Old Photo Albums

 Old Photo Albums

Old pictures remind you the good and memorable time you had together with your family and friends. When you go through the old photographs it gives you the opportunity to share your feelings, emotions, thoughts freely. This fun activity bring you close to your family.