10 Perfect things to do in Virginia

Virginia is a state in the Southern United States, between the Atlantic Coast and the Appalachian Mountains. It contains 95 counties and 38 independent cities. Virginia is rich in culture and most popular State across America. Check out 10 Perfect things to do in Virginia.

1. Enjoy Beautiful Walk at Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Boardwalk is the most happy and vibrant place for family vacation. The boardwalk is beautifully landscaped and well maintained. You can enjoy the live band along with delicious food and drinks. This place is extremely clean and safe, unique Stores, Restaurants make it classic. You can enjoy riding motorized scooters, skateboards, roller skates. Have an amazing experience of walking on the boardwalk with soothing ocean sounds. Soak yourself in the beauty of beautiful Boardwalk, is one of the best things to do in Virginia.

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2. Have Amazing Historic Site Experience at Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is an amazing historical site in Virginia. It has beautiful original and restored buildings, crafts, trades, gardens and much more. The Governor’s Palace, Capitol Building, Courthouse, Blacksmith, Historic House, Carpenter’s Yard and Museums will take you back to the beautiful era. The best weekend getaway with your family you can ever have. Get the outstanding dining experience with mouth-watering food and snacks with the amazing restaurants on this site.

3. Witness to see Beautiful Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Valley

Come back with beautiful hike and happy pictures from the Shenandoah Valley. Have an outstanding experience drive to the Skyline with wide breath-taking views. You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountain bike trails, ski facilities, rafting, horse riding, rock climbing snowmobiling, fishing, hunting and much more. If you want to witness the nature’s colors, then fall season is the best time to visit Shenandoah Valley.

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4. Outstanding Art Galleries at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is the art museum with over 5,000 years of art across the world. Witness outstanding Paintings, Fine Arts, Beautiful Gardens, Several Art Galleries and much more. You can get the free entry, free parking there. They have wide range of Art Galleries and maintained it perfectly. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has best café with delicious food and drinks. If you love history and Art, then this place is for you.

5. Best Picnic Spot at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Have a great walk around the beautiful Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with your dear ones. The perfect family and friends outing place in Virginia. The lights and decorations at this site make it magical. Enjoy the view of colorful lights reflecting on the lake. Enjoy the view of beautiful flowers, plants with dazzling butterflies make it the perfect place to spend touring time and the best thing to do in Virginia. This site has a variety of gift shops and fine restaurants with mouth-watering food and amazing drinks.

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6. Visit an Amazing Place Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is an incredible place to honor the service of country’s Soldiers. This amazing place is looked after by the United States Army. Arlington National Cemetery is an important part of our Country’s history, span over 624 acres and attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. At Arlington National Cemetery, every grave is documented so that we know who is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington National Cemetery is a place to remember.

7. The Best Historic Site Monticello


Monticello is a beautiful historic site to spend your day. The guides are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive while take to you the journey of this beautiful site. You can find pretty gift shops, coffee shops and nice restaurants there. Monticello is a fascinating place to spend your memorable outing and the best thing to do in Virginia. This place has several gorgeous buildings and artifacts about Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States who built it and lived there.

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8. Majestic Battleship Wisconsin

Majestic Battleship Wisconsin

Battleship Wisconsin is one of the largest battleships built by the United Sates Navy, launched in December 1943. Guides are available there to take you back to the time of America’s history. Walking around the majestic ship, she gives you an overview of the history and the service of men who died to protect America. A must see to wonderful oldest battleship. This Battleship warned earned five battle stars during world war II.

9. The Best Spot for Outing at Maymont

Maymont Park

Maymont is a 100-acre estate and park located in Richmond, Virginia. It is a well-maintained park and if you love to see wildlife, then this is the best thing to do in Virginia. A beautiful open space to explore and the day to well spend with your family while watching awesome scenery. Get a unique experience walking through this pretty Japanese and Italian Gardens, Farms, see Wildlife Habitats, house museum, Waterfall, beautiful Bridges, Ponds, feed friendly goats. The landscapes are exceptionally beautiful.

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10. The Most Haunted Place Ghost Tour of Williamsburg

Ghost Tour of Williamsburg

Ghost Tour of Williamsburg, Virginia is the most haunted location in Virginia. If you are looking for fun experiences and interested in haunted history, then Ghost Tour of Williamsburg, Virginia is for you and the best thing to do in Virginia. Enjoy your ghost walk tour with amusing haunted stories and history of Williamsburg from the Guide and if you are lucky encounter paranormal activities on this site. Get an interesting night outing experience with your loved ones.