10 Amazing Things To Do in Queenstown

Queenstown is entirely dedicated to tourism and gives travellers a crazy amount of ways to get their adrenaline thrills. It is recognised globally as the home of bungee jumping. 

Queenstown also offers countless other fun things to do, including jet boating, parachuting, rafting, ziplining, and paragliding adventures. This small town on the South Island, complete of exciting entertainment and dining options and enclosed by astonishing mountain vistas, packs lots of fun whenever you tour.

To know more about the many famous attractions and special outdoor adventures available in this graceful corner of New Zealand, be sure to read our list of the top things to do in Queenstown.

1. Soak In The Spectacular Views On A Gondola

Skyline queenstown

If you have a dream list for things to do in Queenstown keep the Skyline gondola first. Here, you can take the beautiful ride to Bob’s Peak for picturesque views. You’ll be offered 450 metres above Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

When you are on the top, pick from any of the fun exercises on offer. Take a downhill ride for dinner at Stratosfare Restaurant on the Skyline Luge. There’s also the Skyline Stargazing adventure, where stargazing guides take you to Bob’s Peak with telescopes to take in scenes not visible through the naked eye.

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2. Get in Action with Bungee Jumping

AJ Hackett was the first man to begin bungee jumping in the world, a crazy activity that includes tying a giant stretchy belt to your body and jumping off from something high point. This activity transformed into a worldwide excitement, and AJ Hackett invented the first and best bungee jumping company, established right here in Queenstown.

There are several bungee locations throughout the city, including the Kawarau Bridge just outside of town, where the first commercial Bungee operation started. I dare you to try the Ledge Bungee, and it will scare you, even if you think it won’t.

3. Visit The Picturesque Town Of Arrowtown

Only a 15-minute ride from Queenstown, you’ll discover one of the loveliest places in New Zealand—Arrowtown. It’s a breathing and living town complete with cafes, shops, and a collection of attractions.

The town has risen after gold was founded in the Arrow River in the 1860s. Making it prosperous-watching structures that remain wonderfully maintained to this day.

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4. Go mountain biking

If you like traveling entirely on two wheels rather than two feet, you’re lucky because Queenstown is a fabulous spot to go biking. Whether you’re searching for a full-on downhill experience or you want to go on a relaxed ride, you’ll be able to discover a bike tour that fits your style. You can choose independent rentals from guided tours.

One of the most famous biking spots is at the Queenstown Bike Park. It is located at the top of Bob’s Peak, and you can drive the Skyline Gondola to the peak! With 28 world-class tracks to pick from, you can bike to your favorite track!

5. Try The Famous Fergburger

Florian Bugiel, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The best method to fulfill your stomach is at the iconic, world-renown Fergburger. Servicing 21 hours per day makes sure you come hungry here as the size of these is similar to your head. 

The restaurant includes everything from beef to chicken, falafel, cod, etc. Make your order, take it from the pick-up window, and drive to the lake. With Fergburger and Fergbaker both major, there are also gossips that a Ferg bar is in the constructions.

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6. Soak Away Your Problems At The Onsen Pools

Whatever you do, don’t forget to make your visit to the Onsen Pools. Placed high on a cliffside facing the beautiful Shotover River canyon, they are the excellent remedy to a weekend of Queenstown adventures. The pools have witnessed a boom in recent years, and the adventure is similar to that of official onsens in Japan.

7. Go Skydiving

Have you ever thought of jumping out of a plane? We named Queenstown being the adrenaline city of the world, so if skydiving is on your dream list, this may be an excellent area to jump.

Assume falling with scenes of the Southern Alps and viewing both coasts of the South Island. We’d assume it would be lovely damn incredible!

There are several sky diving groups to choose from, so you can compare prices, reviews, and availability to select the most suitable one for you.

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8. Visit Milford sound

Milford Sound is often praised as the “8th wonder of the world”. This spot is known for various landscapes — from mounting peaks to grand waterfalls and temperate rainforests. It’s also home to many varieties of wildlife, like seals, dolphins, and penguins!

The New Zealand summer (i.e. December-February) leads to be mountain hiking period. If you want to visit around the summer, book your accommodation and hike entirely in advance. Typical summer temperatures manage to be between 18-20C (64-68F).

Cruises are the best choice for sightseeing – mainly if you want to go near and personal with the waterfalls. The Milford Deep Underwater Observatory, the only one of its class in New Zealand, can only be visited through the cruise, too.

9. Picnic & Walk around Lake Hayes

Lake Hayes is a pleasant spot to go on a bike ride. The whole ring is 8 km (5 miles) on a flat and easy walking track throughout the lake. Prepare a meal and head to Lake Hayes for a stroll nearby the lake with some beautiful views. 

It will take about 2-3 hours to finish, and afterwards, compensate yourself with lunch in the North Lake Hayes picnic zone. Remember to choose up a bottle of New Zealand wine at a native shop before you go!

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10. Hang out at the Queenstown Beach

You can find a crowd also on a sunny day at the town’s small beach. Even if you don’t want to take a dip, bring a mat and a book for relaxing midday.

It is approved to drink on the beach between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Still, due to bad behavior, there have been actions to ban alcohol consumption. So if you want to sip on the beach (it is legal, as of now), be attentive and careful about your behavior.